rainy-day shopping extravaganza :: greensboro photographer

So I realize that it's been quite awhile since I last blogged. Sorry folks! I promise I'm going to try to be better :)

The day started out dreary and rainy here in good ol' NC, so with no outdoor activities happening, my sweet husband agreed to take me shopping. Now, if you know me very well, you know that I love to shop but suffer from severe shopper's guilt/anxiety. While Josh is an expert at spending money :) (especially on electronics and gadgets which, mostly, couldn't interest me less), I have a very difficult time either deciding if I really want something or convincing myself that it's actually worth me spending the money on when I could put it toward the business, our new computer, savings, etc...


...Well today, I decided to put aside my incredible addiction to window shopping and do some real live, card-swiping, cash-swapping shopping for myself. We made a little trip to Banana Republic where we found Josh a couple of pairs of new pants, and I got a great new spring dress. Go there NOW - everything is 25% off! I may just have to go back myself and get this adorable straw fedora for my upcoming beach trip!

After roaming through several other stores and finding nothing of real interest (not to mention my coming to the sad realization that I was the oldest one by about 10 years in several of the stores I was popping in), we finally came to Williams-Sonoma (one of my absolute favorites), and Josh, without hesitation insisted that we stop in (have i mentioned that i love my husband?!). Ay yay yay... I warn you... this store is dangerous. After perusing through the random kitchen gadgets, colorful mixing bowls, and the Le Creuset not once, but twice, we escaped with only a pastry blender (the little u-shaped wiry thing that you use to mix pie crust), a handle-less rolling pin that i've been dying to get (my current rolling pin with the handles often results in a huge mess and excessive obscenities), and a new paddle-shaped cheese grater (due to J's extreme and somewhat exaggerated hatred for the 4-sided box grater).

It was a GREAT day, and we topped it off with grilled burgers (the sun finally came out!) and a nice, relaxing evening catching up on our shows from the week. Now... on to preparing for Josh's birthday celebration tomorrow (stay tuned for pics)!

Hoping all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend!