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*Note: If you follow us on Facebook, you know that this post was supposed to be up last Friday. In the midst of our travels to Charleston, I completely forgot about it. Sorry if you were holding your breath just waiting for the chance to read this post!*

If you're looking for a great way to spend your afternoon after your morning motivation has worn-off and weekend mode has fully kicked in with no hope of you getting a single ounce of work done, I have it for you right here.

There are very few blogs that I actually read religiously, but the ones that I do subscribe to are worth every minute. Here's this week's Friday Five - my top five favorite blogs:

1. Jasmine Star - Let me just tell you, this girl is AMAZING. Jasmine is a California-based wedding photographer, blogger, and all around branding guru, but her blog is not just for fellow photographers or brides. She is an incredibly talented and inspiring writer with words that everyone will enjoy. And she takes gorgeous photos too!

2. The Pioneer Woman - I LOVE this woman, and I want her life. Cowboy, ranch and all. Her blog covers everything from homeschooling to photography to life on the ranch, but let's be real here: the part I'm all about is the food. Every recipe that I've ever made from this woman's blog (or cookbook - thanks to my friend Bridget) is INCREDIBLE. A couple of my all-time favorites are the sherried tomato soup and the blueberry chicken salad, but seriously, you can't go wrong with any recipe here. Disclaimer: if you're looking for healthy or low-fat, this blog is not for you.

3. Style Me Pretty - You just can't deny that this blog is fantastic. It is filled with inspiration for just about any kind of wedding you could possibly imagine. If you're a bride-to-be who has not yet discovered the joys of this blog, I highly suggest you go there NOW.

4. Lara Casey - This lovely lady is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings magazine, as well as the founder of the Making Things Happen movement. Focusing on wedding vendors, but inspiring to all, her blog is all about marketing, branding, and sound business advice, and consider yourself warned, it will light a fire under your rear. Also be sure to check out Making Things Happen on Tumblr.

5. Gray Photography - You've heard me say it before, but I am absolutely obsessed with these photographers. Zach and Jody are just all around great people and have inspired me through their blog to do so much more with photography than I ever could have imagined. This one is a must-read for photographers, aspiring or established, big or small.

There you have it, folks. Now tell me, what are some of your favorite blogs?

Go forth, conquer, and enjoy your weekend, too!