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A few weeks ago, my friend Kaley called me up telling me that she had to go to New York City to do some buying for Snap Kids, and of course, when I said I should fly up to meet her, she said that was her exact thought, too! 

Of all the places I've been in and out of the country, I'd never had the chance to go to NYC, so I was over the moon to see the city for the first time this past weekend. I've travelled alot and generally don't feel very out of place anywhere I go, but when I arrived in the Big Apple, my accent felt a little thicker, a bit like molasses each time I spoke :)

NYC | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0001.jpg

We were only in the Big Apple for a little over 48 hours, so we decided to pack in as much sightseeing as possible between the times that Kaley had to go to Market. We saw Times Square...


NYC | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0002.jpg

... Rockefeller Plaza, the September 11th Memorial... (Going to St. Paul's Chapel - seen below - adjacent to where the World Trade Center towers once stood, was especially moving, and I couldn't help but tear up being in that sacred, solemn place. This church was left standing with not so much as a broken window when the buildings collapsed and is the place where first responders came to rest and seek refuge in the days, weeks, and months following 9/11. Remembering the fear, uncertainty, and sense of loss that surrounded that horrifying morning when we learned that our country had been attacked - I was in my 9th grade Mississippi history class when my teacher turned on the radio and began crying - anyone who remembers that day couldn't help but be emotional.)

NYC | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0003.jpg
NYC | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0004.jpg

We enjoyed pizza (twice!), killer Italian food, cheesecake, the best Compost cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar, and frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity. We strolled 5th avenue, rode the subway, explored Central Park, and we even managed to see Chicago on Broadway.  (And I probably shouldn't mention how excited we were when we spotted the Empire Hotel from Gossip Girl ... ).

Here are a few of my Instagram shots of our adventures...

We walked way more miles than a person's feet should be able to stand, but it was so worth it, and there's no one else I would have rather laughed, explored, and got lost with than one of my very best friends.

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