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During our time in Germany, I had the pleasure of photographing a few mini-sessions for some fellow expat families. Not only did it allow me to keep my photography skills fresh, but I met some of the loveliest souls in doing so. We lived so close to this beautiful park, and I lugged my gear across on a sunny morning to capture the Holzwarths.

Much like us, they moved to Aachen with their two kids for a job opportunity. Devon is not only an amazing mother, but she is also a talented artist, with a focus in children's illustration. Check out her work here.

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Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0001.jpg
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My favorite way to photograph families is to just let them interact naturally and allow kids to be kids. The results are fewer tears and grumpy faces and more beautiful moments like these...

Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0007.jpg
Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0008.jpg
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Dad had some rad kid-tossing skills!

Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0015.jpg
Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0014.jpg

I always like to sneak a photo or two of just mom and dad into each session. They were, after all, the originals :)

Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0012.jpg
Holzwarth Family | Aachen Germany | ©Glessner Photography_0016.jpg

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mini-sessions | the B family | aachen family photographer

A few weeks ago, I offered my first mini-sessions here in Germany. It was a little nerve-racking putting my offer for these portrait sessions out to the local expat groups here in Aachen, but I was floored by the response that I received. Even though only a couple of families were available for the weekend that I scheduled the sessions, it has opened up so many opportunities for future work and collaborations.

Bientinesi Family - Glessner Photography (1 of 100).jpg

This was my first time behind the camera in a professional sense since shooting my last wedding before little Miles was born, and though I was a bit nervous... would my interactions with clients still be the same fun and natural flow that I'm used to?... would I be satisfied with my work after so long away from it?... turns out it's like riding a bike. If anything, I think having a kid of my own has made me a better family photographer with more patience and the ability to more easily relate to small children, and I couldn't have asked for a better family to dive back into the world of photography with than this one.

Since they are expats also, it was so interesting hearing their story. She is from Russia, he from Italy, and their sweet and bashful little Leo was born here in Germany. They were so much fun to hang out with for a morning and completely bought into my philosophy of having fun and just letting me capture the moments as they happened.

Maybe it's just because I have a son myself now, but this last one is my absolute favorite from this session... there's nothing like the love between a boy and his mama.

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