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Last week, I had the pleasure of helping to host a baby shower for my dear, sweet friend, Bridget. We met B, and her husband, Ryan, almost three years ago when we lived the same townhouse complex, and when we both bought houses last year, we, luckily, ended up just a few miles down the road from one another. She frequently cooks dinner for me and Josh, enjoys a breakfast/lunch date with me when I want to procrastinate against actually getting things done, and encourages me that I NEED to go with her to get a mani/pedi on a random Thursday afternoon (you know - to make me a better wife and all), so really, it was the least I could do to help make a day special enough to celebrate such a very special person and special little person-to-be.

It was a nice, casual Southern style gathering, complete with mason jars, rocking chairs, and BBQ, on the front porch of the ad agency where B used to work in Winston-Salem. 

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As usual, I had delusions of grandeur for this baby shower (much like the last one that Bridget and I hosted for our friend Brittany), but thankfully, I had the help of a few amazing ladies (shout out to Victoria, Ashley, and Wanda - y'all are INCREDIBLE) who took care of the decor, invites, and dessert, so that all I was left to do was create and deliver a delicious menu. 


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In a temporarily air-conditionless home on the day all this cooking was being done (I was NOT meant to live in a world without AC, people), I managed to make balsamic honey pulled pork sliders with slaw, mini mac and cheese muffins, honey lime fruit salad, and my personal favorite, my homemade pimento cheese recipe adapted from my dear friend Adam's sister-in-law, Dawn, in Mississippi.

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Ashley made these scrumptious blue velvet cupcakes, with teeny tiny paper airplane toppers, and Wanda whipped up some oreo truffles. If you've never had these, you're living a sad, sad life. Cupcakes and chocolate are the way to my heart.

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Victoria found these adorable quotes on wooden blocks at Swoozie's (it's a dangerous place y'all), and they made the sweetest, simple decor alongside some colorful flower bouquets for this front porch event!  

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After some paper airplane constructing lessons from Josh, I created this bunting (not without several paper cuts and a few select words)  to be used as decor at the shower and in the nursery afterward. As an advocate against typical baby shower games myself, I thought it'd be a nice idea to have each guest write a wish for baby on a gift tag to be attached to the bunting.

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Isn't she just the cutest lil mama you ever did see?? Ashley also crafted the sweetest little paper airplane corsage! 

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My obligatory photo op with the guest of honor ^^^ Thanks to friend and past bride Lauren for her mad photo skills :)


Lynch Baby Shower | ©Glessner Photography_0016.jpg

Many thanks to Victoria, Wanda, and Ashley for your beautiful/delicious/wonderful work to make it all come together! Bridget - you and Ryan are going to be the BEST parents ever. of. all. time! Now, come on little Lynch... I can't wait to be an "aunt" again and meet and snuggle that sweet, sweet baby!

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What can I say... 2012 has been a truly AMAZING year for me. Glessner Photography has grown by leaps and bounds, and we are so incredibly grateful to all of the wonderful brides and grooms who entrusted us to capture their love. We've worked with some really incredible wedding professionals, had the opportunity to photograph weddings not only in North Carolina, but throughout the southeastern U.S., and I get paid to do what I love... life doesn't get much better than that!

As I selected photos for this year's wedding review, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the love we've seen and the support and friendship we've received from these couples. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to each and every one of you.

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We look forward to seeing what 2013 brings us and all of you, too! (A few of our 2012 brides will even be welcoming little ones in the new year!!!)

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