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All of my couples whom I've photographed this fall have been nothing short of amazing, and Aaron and Erin are certainly no exception. I was especially excited for their wedding, because I knew, having met them last autumn for their engagement session, that Erin and I, well, we were kindred style spirits. She has such a great eye for design and finding beauty in simplicity (come on ... what photographer WOULDN'T love working with that kind of bride?), and I knew for certain that those things would shine through on her wedding day and make for some INCREDIBLE images.
I met Erin in the afternoon at the downtown Marriott in Winston-Salem, and despite maybe just a few nerves early on, once she saw her groom, these two were all laughter, joy, and soaking in every ounce of the day which they became husband and wife...

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I am in love with these bridesmaids' robes Erin found on Etsy, and of course, she had to  show off her deep love for Starbucks with these adorable bridal party lattes. 

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... on her way to meet her groom! I know I say it so much, but I absolutely love when a couple chooses to have a First Look. Such a sweet moment and lots of extra time for beautiful photos! Erin and Aaron's first look took place in Salem Square...

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I think this is just the perfect example of how much fun these two have together... so much joy! 

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I just loved the friends and family Erin and Aaron chose to surround them on their wedding day... they were so helpful, a whole lot of fun, and they looked great, too (I'm more than a little obsessed with the floral bridesmaids' dresses and the men's grey shoes)! 

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Their lovely short-and-sweet ceremony was held on the covered bridge at Old Salem

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Isn't Erin absolutely stunning?! I love her classic, elegant style that lets her beauty speak for itself. 

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Their reception was held at the beautiful, contemporary Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in downtown Winston-Salem, filled with lovely little details created by the bride herself, who is a very talented graphic designer. 

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I love couples who elect to donate to a charity in lieu of favors - what a great use of that portion of the wedding budget. Erin and Aaron made a contribution to the Human Rights Campaign and NC's local Second Harvest Food Bank in honor of their guests. 

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No wedding is complete without "The Wobble"... 

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Aaron+Erin :: We hope y'all are having a fabulous time in California and soaking up every minute of your West Coast honeymoon! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your beautiful day, and we wish you many more years of laughter and adventures! 

Ceremony Venue :: The Heritage Bridge at Old Salem
Reception Venue :: Reynolds Place at Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts
Accommodations :: Winston-Salem Downtown Marriott
Florist :: Angela Wallace
Caterer :: Five Loaves Catering
DJ :: Bad Benny Productions
Hair and Makeup :: Bella Upstyles
Wedding Gown :: David's Bridal by designer Vera Wang
Bridesmaids' Dresses :: Watters & Watters via Bridesmaids.com
Men's Attire :: Christopher's Formal Wear
Stationer :: Erin Johnson
Bridesmaids' Gifts :: Earrings by Kate Spade and Dressing Gowns by Silk and More
Rentals :: Happy Rentz
Transportations :: Royal Limousine
Photographer :: Glessner Photography

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Hopefully, you had the chance to check out Becky's bridal portraits from the Greensboro Children's Museum earlier this week, and today, I am so excited to share a few highlights from Becky and Ryan's wedding at Old Salem this past weekend. I absolutely loved working with these two - they are so full of life, smiles, and kindness, and they treated us more like old friends than hired help.

Their day was filled with personalized details and Southern charm, complete with blue-and-white checkered accents, monograms, bowties, and sunflowers. 

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I love a sweet sister photo! There was no doubting how proud Beth was to see her little sister as a beautiful bride :) 

Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0009.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0010.jpg

A first look is absolutely one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. Becky and Ryan had a few sweet moments alone and plenty of time for photos before the ceremony. 

Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0011.jpg
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The ceremony was timed perfectly to end right around sunset, so we got to take advantage of this beautiful light in the Tavern Meadow. Aren't these two just the cutest?! 

Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0001.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0035.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0039.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0037.jpg

Becky and Ryan's reception was the held at The Grand Pavilion at the Embassy Suites in downtown Winston-Salem. 

Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0040.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0043.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0044.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0045.jpg
Wedding | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0046.jpg

Becky+Ryan :: Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your wedding day! Hope you're having a wonderful time in Cabo and enjoying a fruity drink (or two... or three...) on our behalf :) 

Ceremony :: Tavern Meadow at Old Salem
Reception :: The Grand Pavilion at Embassy Suites in Winston-Salem
Wedding Coordinator :: A List Events
Videographer :: Chapter One Weddings
Florist :: Johnson Greenhouses
Cake Artist :: Clara Marie's Authentic Southern Bakery
Catering :: Twin City Quarter
Musicians :: Evan and Dana
Hair and Makeup :: Callie Simmons
Wedding Gown :: David's Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses :: J.Crew
Bridesmaids' Earrings :: Room of Your Own via Etsy
Men's Attire :: Men's Wearhouse 
Bow Ties :: The Cloutier Hat and Cap Co. via Etsy
Wedding Rings :: Zales
 Photo Booth :: Top Hat Photo Booths
 Trolley :: Olde South Trolley
 Koozies :: Kustom Koozies
Bridesmaids' Shirts :: Marley Lilly
Photographer :: Glessner Photography

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