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A few weeks ago, I got an email from Laine Rendleman, who stumbled across my name on Google, requesting new headshots. Laine is a realtor for Lawrence Real Estate Group in Greensboro, and she was due for some updated lifestyle headshots to represent her brand.

We held her session at her friend's beautiful Greensboro home filled with amazing natural light and furnished as if it was straight from a Pottery Barn catalog.

If you're in the market for a home in the Triad area, be sure to check out Laine's new Facebook page here.

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becky :: bridal portraits :: greensboro wedding photographer

This weekend, we had the pleasure of photographing Becky and Ryan's beautiful wedding at Old Salem (more on that later this week), and I've been on edge waiting for the chance to be able to post images from Becky's bridal portrait session. 

Becky works at the Greensboro Children's Museum, and when she mentioned that she'd like to have her bridal portraits photographed in the museum's garden, I jumped at the opportunity to shoot at a fun new location. Becky is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and I had such a great time capturing the pure joy that surrounds her. 

Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0002.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0001.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0003.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0004.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0006.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0005.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0007.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0008.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0010.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0009.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0011.jpg
Bridal | Kochany-Thys | ©2013 Glessner Photography_0012.jpg

Venue :: Greensboro Children's Museum
Dress :: David's Bridal Galina Collection 

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las vegas photo fun :: las vegas photographer

After nearly a week in Vegas at WPPI without enough free time to actually use our cameras, my roomie and I were determined to go out and snap a few photos of each other. On our last afternoon in Las Vegas, we ventured up and down Harmon Avenue, cameras in tow, discovering amazing light in back alleys behind hotels, getting escorted off private property when they caught us using their venue as a backdrop via the security cameras (watch out... we might be on COPS next week), and snapping a few photos with an audience of amused guests at the pool at our resort.

Photographing a fellow photographer is nerve-wracking, but I'm so honored I got the opportunity to capture Dana's (of Dana Laymon Photography) beautiful style and equally lovely personality.

Vegas - Glessner Photography_0005.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0002.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0003.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0006.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0007.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0008.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0009.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0010.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0011.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0012.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0015.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0013.jpg
Vegas - Glessner Photography_0014.jpg

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