a heavy heart :: greensboro wedding photographer

i write tonight with a heavy heart, as my little hometown of Laurel, MS, lost a very dear member of the community yesterday. she was a mother to one of my best friends, a grandmother, an educator, a friend, and a faithful follower of Christ. she was truly a beautiful woman, inside and out. if i could display just half the generosity, faith, and love that she showed everyone around her, i would consider my own life a success.

my heart truly aches for my friend and this family, and with that heartache, i am reminded to live every day to the fullest. it's so cliche, but so true. we never know if we will be given tomorrow.

call your parents and tell them you love them. hug your husband like you'll never let go. read a bedtime story to your children. climb mount everest. write a novel. stop wasting your days at a job you hate. backpack through europe. be an example. chase your dream like your life depends on it. have fun.

jasmine star exposed magazine fail at something you love

quit saying you'll do it tomorrow because tomorrow might not be there when you wake up.

please join me in praying for peace, strength, and healing for the Trest family during this time and honoring this lovely woman by living your life to the fullest.