outtakes :: greensboro wedding photographer

As I hope you've noticed if you've been here before, our website has a brand new look and feel.  Josh and I decided we wanted our clients to know who we are and be comfortable with us even before that first meeting or engagement session, which is why you'll see photos, as well as fun facts about us around the site.

Part of this website revision meant getting in front of the camera ourselves, which is a rare occurrence. So we got all dolled up right before sunset, drove up the street to this graffitied little shack that i've been dying to do a session at, and shot away for about 20 minutes.

You can see plenty of the "keepers" around the site, but I thought I'd give y'all some of the outtake images here, just in case you thought for one second that we aren't complete nerds...

Apparently, I was trying very, very hard to perfect my hand placement. An inch lower, now a centimeter to the left, up, PERFECT. This is before I really got in the hang of things and started Vogue-ing it up (as Josh calls it).

Josh pondering the theory of relativity. Or how many seconds it's been since he's had the chance to look at his iPhone.

There was a whole lotta this going on... I find that being in front of camera automatically sends me into convulsions of laughter.

Why white boys don't rap. Or dance. He's lucky he didn't try to use these moves when we were dating or else we might not be married.

"Okay - now hold the chalkboard up and peek over... NOT SO SCARY WITH THE EYES, JOSHUA"

I like to pretend I'm awesome, but deep down, I know that this is definitely NOT a cool pose.

Hope you all enjoyed laughing at with the Glessners this lovely Tuesday afternoon. Leave us some love and let us know what you think of the new website!