sheri+mark - engaged :: greensboro engagement photographer

Within three minutes of being around them, the love between Sheri and Mark is obvious. He lives to make her laugh, even at the most inappropriate of times, and she looks up at him with pure adoration. You would think they were two teenagers who just met a week ago. It's like puppy love, except true.

I met up with Sheri and Mark, another Behind the Scenes couple from the lovely Veronica Foster, yesterday afternoon at the Greensboro Arboretum. The weather was perfect, albeit still a little warm, and the engagement session was more like a nice leisurely stroll through the park with a few photo opportunities thrown in. If you haven't checked it out, the arboretum is absolutely gorgeous, open to the public, and pet friendly, too!

This is one of those times that he was trying really hard to make Sheri laugh while she was trying to keep a straight face - mission accomplished, Mark!


Sheri+Mark - I had such a great time with y'all yesterday, and I can't wait for your wedding in March! It's gonna be FAB!