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I hear people say it all the time, "Why should I do an engagement session? I'm going to have photos taken on my wedding day." Most of my wedding collections do include engagement sessions, and while not a requirement to be married (duh), I do strongly encourage my couples to elect to have engagement photos. Why? Not just because I really like photographing engagement sessions (although I do LOVE taking photos of couples together in the carefree setting an engagement session offers), but because of these five reasons that I've decided make all the difference in creating your ultimate wedding experience:

1. An engagement session allows the two of you to reconnect. Let's be real... in the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, sometimes it can seem more like a job than planning a celebration of your love. Your conversations revolve around cake tastings, bridesmaids who think they won't look good in that style of dress, floral arrangements, and making sure the caterer provides a vegetarian option for your one friend from college who doesn't eat meat. Romantic? I think not. An engagement session allows you to spend some carefree time together with no wedding worries and lots of hugging, kissing, and hand-holding which is sure to remind you of why you decided to get married in the first place.

reasons to do an engagement session with Christi and Jeremy's Old Salem engagement session in Winston-Salem, NC by Glessner Photography

2. It allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you're a complete natural in front of the camera or maybe you feel that you're not photogenic at all (which isn't true by the way), but either way, it always helps to work with your wedding photographer prior to the big day. You learn how your photographer directs or guides you and how to react to those directions. Much like dating, you get to know each other and the relationship between you, the camera, and the photographer only becomes more relaxed from here on.

reasons to do an engagement session with Brittany and Jeff's Belmont University engagement session in Nashville, TN by Glessner Photography

3. It allows your photographer to get to know you as a couple. Some couples are more affectionate, while others are more reserved, and you and your fiance each have different personalities that help to define who you are. Maybe you laugh very easily or maybe you need a little coaxing to reveal a true smile. There's no right or wrong, but knowing these things beforehand in a more relaxed setting and open timeframe guarantees beautiful photos when it comes time for your wedding. Consider it insurance for the big day.

reasons to do an engagement session with Tonika and Tony's downtown engagement session in Greensboro, NC by Glessner Photography

4. Who doesn't need more photos? Maybe the last time you had professional pictures made were senior portraits (that was me before Josh and I had our engagement photos made), and you've likely never had professional photos made as a couple. This is a chance to provide more decor for your home, photos to display at your wedding, great gifts for your family, and a photo for that newspaper announcement that your mom will insist on having in your hometown paper. Engagement photos are also great for save-the-dates, your personalized wedding website, and you can even have them made into a custom guestbook for your wedding day. Make your engagement session special by selecting a location that's special to you - where you first met, your first date, a favorite park - so that the photos will hold even more sentimental value and you'll be thrilled to show them off.

reasons to do an engagement session with Kristin and Read's Dragon Park engagement session in Nashville, TN by Glessner Photography

5. We have FUN! We try out different locations, photograph you in all your favorite outfits (an engagement sesh is also a great excuse for a shopping spree, btw), you (and Josh) laugh at my lame attempts at making you laugh, and we may even top it off with a coffee or dinner together afterwards. I promise it's a great time!


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