happy mother's day :: nashville portrait photographer

President Gerald Ford once said, "There is no undertaking more challenging, no responsibility more awesome, than that of being a mother."

Mothers are amazing people. I think I've always known that, but watching one of my best friends become a mom and listening to some of the mommas at Making Things Happen talk about their children with such adoration has given me a whole new appreciation.

They devote a good portion of their lives to changing our diapers, soothing our cries, cutting the crust off our sandwiches, putting Little Mermaid bandaids on our cuts and scratches (and putting ones to match on our babydolls, too), carpooling us to activities and attending ballet recitals and swim meets, giving us money for gas and movie tickets during our teen years even when we seem almost unbearable, and doing it all for little appreciation.

But today, Mom, I am appreciating all of those things. Thank you for being here for me...  for always encouraging me to follow my dreams, for being a sounding board when I need one and for letting me make my own mistakes, for praying for me every day and making me feel loved, for allowing me my independence and teaching me to be my own person. A million thank yous to my beautiful momma...

 And to all the other mothers out there, I wish you a day filled with love, joy, and appreciation!