three years :: nashville wedding photographer

I was not one of those brides who was nervous on her wedding day. The morning of May 23, 2009, for me, was like being a child on Christmas. I was beyond excited, more happy than I've ever felt, and my face was already hurting from my inability to stop smiling. I was preparing to marry the guy I'd dated for four years, and on that day, nothing else mattered. It was the best decision I've ever made.


(Photos by our wonderful photographer Sarah Beaty of Eyeris Photography in Nashville)

This past weekend, we took a little road trip to Beaufort, NC to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at the precious Ann Street Inn, strolled the streets of this cute little town, at some amazing food at Aqua Restaurant and the Beaufort Grocery Co., and spent a little time on the beach. Sometimes, all it takes is a little adventure... getting away from the day-in-day-out tasks of work, laundry, and planning dinner to remember how much you appreciate someone. I know it probably shouldn't, but it still amazes me how much fun we have together and how we always find new things to talk about... childhood memories that've never been heard and stories never told.

He knows how to make me laugh like no one else can, tells me I'm beautiful even when I'm in yoga pants and a sweatshirt from 2002 with no makeup, and always makes me believe that I can do anything. And I know that I can as long as he's by my side. I love you so much, Joshua, and I look forward to 100 more years of adventures!