reunited and it feels so good :: high point photographer

This past weekend was one I had been anticipating for months... months, people. Each year or so, a group of my girlfriends from Belmont University and I try to plan a girls weekend, and finally, after nearly two years since our last reunion in the Outer Banks, we were all together once again at my house here in North Carolina.

It's crazy how much our lives have changed in just four years... Christina is engaged and officially a doctor, Claire will be married and graduated from P.A. school by the end of the year, Megan has already been through grad school and is an academic advisor at a university half way across the country, and Kaley owns her own business and is an aspiring country artist. We all have different dreams and we're each in different places in life and geographically, but somehow, we always manage to pick things up right where we left off. It's a rare find to have a group of people who are invested in each other's lives for the long haul (like always having an encouraging word... or a lecture dragged out over the course of three days :) ... to give you the kick in the pants you need), and I thank my lucky stars to have such an amazing group of women to call my friends.

The weekend was filled with cupcakes, Riesling and margaritas, some incredibly amusing wedding dress shopping experiences, sleep deprivation, road trip sing-a-longs, and mostly laughing so hard that I thought I legitimately might die. And finally, we got a group photo...

Girls Weekend - Glessner Photography_0001.jpg

I can't wait to see what the next year brings for everyone, and I'm already looking forward to the next reunion!!

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