honorable mention :: lemonade and lenses :: nashville engagement photographer

In four years of business, I have never once entered any of my work in an actual photography contest. Sure... I've submitted it to blogs and magazines for publication consideration and won awards for various achievements, but I never put my images out there to be judged alongside other amazing photographers' work. Maybe it was the fear of rejection (I'll just go ahead and say it... it was), but today, I am thrilled to be included in a fabulous group of artists awarded Honorable Mention in Lemonade and Lenses April 2014 Cover Contest. I know it's not much, but to me, it was beyond exciting!

Kristin and Read's engagement photos were some of my all-time favorites, and this honor is just as much theirs as mine.

Nashville Engagement Photographer - Glessner Photography

Many thanks to Lexi Vornberg at Lemonade and Lenses for recognizing our work!