alphabet letter gifts :: greensboro photographer

For months, our friend Brittany (of Mill & Brittany) has been talking about how much she would like to have their last name in photos. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Josh and I had deliberated over what to give these great friends as a gift. Finally, the week before our holiday party, we decided that we would create one of these photo artworks for them. Because we didn't have time during the week, we ventured into Greensboro on Saturday, merely hours before the party (how's that for procrastination) to take some photos of letters of the alphabet.

What an adventure this was for Josh and me! Josh drove, and I yelled for him to pull over, turn around, or just stop in the middle of the road when I interpreted letters in the architecture, trees, and just about anything else we could find. I trekked downtown through feet of snow (okay, so maybe it was just a few flurries) to get the perfect shots. We had such a great time with this project! We rushed to have the photos printed, get a mat and frame at Hobby Lobby (one of my favs), and made it home just in time to get it wrapped before the party.

Needless to say, Mill & Brittany loved their gift! Here is the final result:

All of these photos were taken in Greensboro. Can you guess where they're from? 

I think one of these personalized with a last name or monogram would look beautiful and so vintage in an antique white frame at a wedding reception. They also make excellent wedding shower gifts (personalized with last name or initials), baby shower gifts (personalized with first name or initials), or even a nice Valentine's Day gift (perhaps the word LOVE framed in red)! If you'd like to purchase a personalized alphabet artwork, please send us a message. Don't forget - Valentine's orders must be received by Friday, February 8.