afternoon drive :: greensboro photographer

With several engagement sessions coming up, I decided that it was time to go out in search of some new "go-to" locations. Several of my couples had requested barns, trees, and a more natural landscape in general but were worried about the setting being unattractive because of winter (i.e. dead grass, leafless trees, etc.).

So yesterday afternoon, with the temperature at a balmy 63 degrees, I set out in the VW with the windows down, my new satellite radio (shoutout to the Mr. for an awesome birthday gift) turned up, and the camera as my passenger. These are a few of the beauties I found within just minutes of our house. This was one of those days that make me so glad that I live in the South again. 

There's just something about a weathered barn or old building that makes me giddy :) I can't wait to capture some of our couples in these beautiful settings!