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First, let me apologize for my absence from my blog. I pledged to be better about blogging, and well, I just haven't. I've been playing catch up after my trip to Chicago last week to see my sweet friend Miranda. And now that I've finally uploaded my photos, I just had to share them with y'all!

I had such a wonderful time in Chicago (which is definitely one of my favorite cities), and spending it with Miranda (and her adorable Scottish terrier Darcy) just made it all the better. We did lots of sightseeing, visited the Art Institute (sooo good), and did wayyyyyy too much shopping. Way. too. much. All in freezing temperatures. Who cares if you lose a limb to frostbite if you get a good deal on clothes, right?!

So here's a little recap of my trip... errr, the first day of my trip. Honestly, the D700 was just too heavy to tote around all day every day, so I resorted to using my iPhone and my 35mm for the rest of the vacay. Hopefully, once I get them developed, you'll be seeing some of those too!

Miranda Meadows wheaton Scottish Terrier Darcy by Glessner Photography

Who couldn't love a face like that? People who think that any other dog is better than a Scotty are just fooling themselves :)

Miranda Meadows under the bean in Chicago by Glessner Photography

Miranda Meadows and Elizabeth Glessner at the bean in Chicago by Glessner Photography

sign outside of Giordanos stuffed pizza in Chicago by Glessner Photography

Gotta love some Chicago deep dish pizza... yummm.

dome inside the Chicago Public Library by Glessner Photography

The Chicago Library is a beautiful place to visit... and definitely had some weird interesting art exhibits, such as this piece featuring parking tickets. Lots of parking tickets.

parking ticket art installment at the Chicago Public Library with photo by Glessner Photography

sprinkles cupcakes in Chicago by Glessner Photography

Sprinkles may be my new favorite place and if you live anywhere near one, you must find. it. now. I'm not even gonna lie to you folks... the two of us may have eaten six cupcakes in three days. Don't judge.

sprinkles cupcakes in Chicago by Glessner Photography

Miranda Meadows in Chicago by Glessner Photography

Beautiful friend. Be sure to wish her a happy belated birthday below... she's a Valentine's baby!

Chicago skyline at night with the bean by Glessner Photography

If you're planning a wedding in Chicago, be sure to contact us... We love to travel!