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This weekend, we kicked off our wedding season with the wonderful celebration of Chris and Leah at the Hilton Charlotte University Place. I got the chance to know these two a couple of months ago when I photographed their engagement session, and I knew their wedding was going to be so much fun!

Leah flaunted her sense of style with some killer Gianni Bini rhinestone heels, a to-die-for 1920's style feather fascinator, and not one, but two wedding dresses. But even without all of those things, Leah would have been beautiful because her excitement to be marrying the love of her life radiated from her like sunbeams. It's always telling of a couple's personalities and relationship to hear their friends and family speak about them, and I can tell you that Chris and Leah's loved ones had only beautiful things to say about these two.

Blue Gianni Binni wedding shoes and feather fascinator
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0036.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0033.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0031.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0032.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0037.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0028.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0030.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0029.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0027.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0020.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0026.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0024.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0023.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0022.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0021.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0017.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0018.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0016.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0015.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0014.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0013.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0012.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0010.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0011.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0008.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0009.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0007.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0004.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0006.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0005.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0003.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0002.jpg
Leah+Chris-Wedding-Glessner Photography_0001.jpg

They concluded their epic celebration with a traditional New Orleans style second-line dance, which got everyone up and moving!

Congratulations Leah and Chris! We wish you two all the best in life and love!

Venue :: Hilton Charlotte University Place
Photographer :: Glessner Photography
Florist :: Harrisburg Florist
Cake Artist :: Granny Mac's Bake Shop
Band :: 5th and York
DJ :: DJ Flemingo
Makeup Artist :: Ebony Beaty
Hair Stylist :: Pure Perfections
Wedding Gown :: Concord Wedding and Prom Center by designer Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaids Attire :: David's Bridal
Men's Attire :: Men's Wearhouse by designer Calvin Klein
Stationer :: David's Bridal
Photo Booth :: Charlotte Wedding Photo Booth 

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leah+chris :: engaged :: charlotte engagement photographer

There is no greater compliment a photographer can receive than to have someone refer you to their friends, and I was thrilled whenever bridesmaid Thesha from Ashleigh and LeMar's wedding last fall told her friend Leah that she should book us, too!

Leah and Chris are such a sweet couple, and I was even more excited about their wedding when I found out Leah was from New Orleans. We bonded over talk of cajun food, Cafe du Monde beignets (the BEST!), and our mutual fandom for the Saints, and it was such a pleasure to have the chance to get to know her mom, sister, and niece, as well.

It's not often that I get the chance to work in Charlotte, and it was so much fun getting to photograph a new area. We started off the engagement session in Fourth Ward Park with a little football...

Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0001.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0002.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0003.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0004.jpg

Tackling and touchdown dances!! These were some of my absolutely favorite images from the day... so much fun!

Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0005.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0006.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0007.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0008.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0009.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0010.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0011.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0012.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0013.jpg

You looked absolutely GORGEOUS, Leah! This outfit was so killer!

Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0014.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0015.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0016.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0017.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0018.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0019.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0020.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0021.jpg
Leah+Chris - Glessner Photography_0022.jpg

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